“A Sort of Miracle” (excerpt from novel, Antenna): Louisiana Literature Journal

“Antenna” (excerpt from novel, Antenna): Route 7 Review

“Pastoral” (essay from collection, Down and Out in Some Place You’ve Never Heard Of): Shark Reef




What do you have to do to get what you want? What happens when you get everything you want? That’s what Frank Russet finds out as he and his brother make a name for themselves as traveling faith healers in the rural south. Frank’s fear of falling behind the thin line separating success and abject failure drives him to great heights and dark valleys, as he tries to come to terms with his contradictory nature.

Agent and Mirror


Can you embrace the superficial nature of your time yet still long for something lasting and meaningful? Agent and Mirror explores this question as it chronicles the journey of Ray Woods, a middle-aged security guard and bodybuilder living in Kentucky during the summer of 1999.  When his best friend, Jake—an old soul and fellow miscreant—moves to the Carolina beach with his new wife, it makes Ray consider his life’s trajectory and the flimsy support beams he’s fastened himself to: Ray’s life revolves around drinking, bodybuilding, his cat, and The Iliad. Over the course of one month, the story follows Ray from the heartland of Kentucky to an island bar in South Carolina. Will Ray change his life, and start to build something deep and lasting? Has he already begun?

Down and Out In Some Place You’ve Never Heard Of


What do Sam Shepard, a Shaker woman, a man that tied his brother’s corpse to his truck and drug him half a mile down the road, Merle Haggard’s illegitimate son, the 1918 influenza pandemic, Ernest Hemingway, a jazz pianist, a boarding school in eastern Kentucky, and mysterious lost catacombs have in common? Where is Melanie Flynn’s body? What traces remain of those that came before us? This essay collection explores all this and more.